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Simply put, Employees are the heartbeat of any organization.

Employees carry out the company mission. Sales, customer satisfaction, and company growth and innovation are all tied to the people working (or volunteering) for your organization.  Recruiting, training, and benefits packages may be elements that get you good workers, but what keeps them? If you aren’t sure how to answer that, or if you’ve failed to plan on implementing employee engagement strategies, then you’re planning to fail.

My years in the workforce have been spent on both sides of the human resources department.  I’ve been an overworked, underpaid employee and I’ve been responsible for initiating and executing benefits and resources aimed at retaining staff.  I’ve worked for a global Fortune 500, my own family’s small business and in the U.S. public education system.  I’ve seen behind the scenes of the for profits and the not-for-profits. I’ve been the one looking for another job and I’ve been the one tasked with creating ways to keep good employees.  My age and experiences may have changed, but I’ve always remained the same heart-led person, looking for ways to keep myself and those around me motivated and mission-focused.

Creating spaces that people want to teach, lead, learn, and grow in are my specialty.

My passion is heart-connections, real relationship building for real-life application.  If YOU need someone to steer your organization toward more growth and productivity, then you need someone who cares about corporate culture.  To see results in your organization’s level of engagement from employees and customers, take a step toward heart-fueled teaching, leading and learning. ABC Bliss will help make your workplace one employees feel vested in and loyal to.  The investment will be worth the return.